81617 Blazing Beauty Alta Wallcovering :: SECONDS

81617 Blazing Beauty Alta Wallcovering :: SECONDS

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Heavyweight, non-woven wallcovering created from sections of Lindsay Cowles's abstract expressionist paintings.

Lightly textured surface with matte finish. Similar to watercolor paper.

Class A fire rated based on ASTM-E84 standard test. Suitable for residential and low-traffic commercial locations.

Made from sustainable and renewable resources. Complies with REACH requirements.

**second quality because color is brighter pink than our color standard. Only available to sell as a full bolt**

Horizontal: 13.5"
Vertical: 18"

Straight Match
Untrimmed (30" wide untrimmed. 27" wide after trimming.)

Standard- 8"x9"
Large- 27"x27"

Need a custom color or custom scale or type II? Contact lindsay@lindsaycowles.com to inquire about custom papers!