6314-1 Barcelona Type II Wallcovering

6314-1 Barcelona Type II Wallcovering

$ 15.00

Type II Wallcoverings created from sections of Lindsay Cowles's abstract expressionist paintings.

PVC free. 31% post consumer waste (highest in the industry). Woven fabric backing for durability and ease of installation.

Contributes to LEED credits (2-6 LEED credits based on project). Low VOCs. 14oz.

Type II is suggested for high moisture environments or high traffic commercial areas. Matte finish. 

Sold as single panels. Packaged on one bolt as cut panels.

Class A Fire Rated.

Short- 48"x10'
Standard- 48"x12'
Long- 48"x15'

Horizontal: 12"
Vertical: 12"

Straight Match

Standard- 8x8"
Large- 2'x2'

Large samples are not stocked and have a lead time of 2-3 weeks. 

Lead time for panels 2-4 weeks.

Install by Kate Taylor Interiors